How to apply


Applications – Are accepted online or at UMUM’s offices.
Applications requirements – Holding a 12th grade certificate be willing to participate in UMUM’s admission exam

Or at UMUM – we are open from 09h30 until 16h30

Documentation to be provided
Copies of all documents supporting the application must be submitted no later than the date of the admission exam. Originals must be presented for verification purposes.
Required documentation:
Copy of previous educational qualification certificates
Copy of personal identification documents (Passport and foreign residents identification document or DIRE)
Copy of the document bearing the tax identification number
Copy of the bank deposit or transfer documents for the payment of the application fee

Who we are?

We are a higher education institution open to all citizens (national, international).

Aiming to embrace all without discrimination.

Our mission is…

To ensure citizens inclusion through high qualified education.

To mold students, enabling them with knowledge, moral & ethical values within a society that enable a scholar to participate actively and creatively in overcoming the social, cultural and economic challenges do transform the country.


Our vision is…

Given these objectives, the UMUM’s vision is to offer progressively Graduation / MD / PhD meeting the challenges: citizenship, education, economy and technology.

  • To offer opportunities for individuals to further their education above & beyond what they ́ve achieved in private and public schools;
  • To o promote excellence in education, through a deliberate system of quality control of services and products;
  • To capitalize the values of the methodist church in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities;
  • To contribute to global efforts to combat povert by promoting a policy of social equity in access to education and training.

Our courses…

  • Social sciences and humanities (Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology);
  • Education sciences (Special Education, Adult Education and Training, Curriculum Development and Teaching; Education and Arts);
  • Administration and management sciences (Hospital Administration, School Administration, Business Administration);
  • Religious sciences (Ethics, Citizenship and moral education, Theology, Anthropology);
  • Communication sciences (Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Multimedia Production and Audiovisual);
  • Computer engineering and technology (WEB Development, Networks and Telecommunications, Electronics).